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We all over indulge at certain times – Christmas, birthdays, out with friends and so on and so on.


But, to become overweight – you have to overeat consistently. The occasional biscuit, drink, piece of cake, pie and so on, won’t cause you to become overweight. Only if  YOU KEEP DOING IT will you become overweight.


You know in your heart of hearts when to stop! You know when to say “Well, that was nice, but enough is enough”.

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Unfortunately, your emotional mind, is telling you that you feel better while you are eating, that you are happier while you are eating, that all your problems are solved while you are eating - only to realise, once you have finished eating, that none of that was true!


It is well documented that obesity can cause a range of health problems, the most well known, probably being diabetes and heart problems. The most dangerous fat can be the fat you can't see, known as Visceral fat. This is the fat that deposits around your internal organs, including your heart.


Your intellectual mind can override your emotional mind at any time – and together we will help to solve your weight problem.


Solution focused hypnotherapy can help you change your attitude to food and reduce your weight. Alternatively.


Please note, I no longer offer gastric band hypnotherapy as I believe the solution focused approach is much more effective and sustainable.