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About 20 years ago, I woke up one morning with a loud buzzing sound in my ear. This happens to most of us from time to time and usually disappears within a few minutes. But mine didn’t disappear within a few minutes. There was no apparent reason for it. Within a week, it stopped, just as suddenly as it had started. I was so relieved. It had been, not only driving me mad, but very distressing. A week later it came back. I remember thinking, ‘Oh no, I hope this isn’t going to keep coming and going for the rest of my life’. Well, you’ve no doubt heard the saying ‘Be careful what you wish for’. Because it didn’t keep coming and going – it stayed. So for the past 20 years or so, I’ve had this constant  buzzing sound in my ear. Sometimes it’s louder, sometimes it’s quieter, but it’s always there.


If you have tinnitus, no doubt you have seen a doctor and, perhaps, a consultant, who may have told you there is no cure. You may even have trawled the internet and come across many, many so called ‘cures’ – many of them very expensive. But listen to your doctor/consultant, as far as I am aware there is no guaranteed cure. Hypnotherapy will not cure your tinnitus either, but what it can do, is to help you to live with it to the extent that, for most of the time, you won’t even notice it’s there. I’m aware of the buzzing in my ear right now, because, writing this, I’m obviously thinking about it. But as soon as I type that last full stop, I will forget about it.


You can stop your tinnitus bothering you too.


"I think there's something strangely musical about noise."

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