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"My self esteem is back. No matter what happens in my day, I believe in my self worth again. The bonus is my stress is under control too!"

                                                                                               Female – Self Esteem (results may vary from person to person)


"I just want to thank you it was ok not stressed at all on the flight and leading up to the flight. You have done wonders". 

Female - Fear of flying (results may vary from person to person)


"I was a mess. I had an extremely strong irrational fear of vomiting/catching viruses. I would avoid touching handles, tablets, taps etc for fear of them being contaminated................I would not be this far with getting rid of the fear completely without your help. I can eat out, go out without mints, touch surfaces without washing my hands and keep calm when I hear 'bugs' are making the rounds......" 

Female - Emetophobia (fear of vomiting) (results may vary from person to person)


"I'm still practicing all you taught me and think of you often (it's a great comfort listening to you on CD every night)." 

Female, Relationship problems  (results may vary from person to person)    


"I was over the moon with your help, thanks Polly". 

Male - Stop Smoking (results may vary from person to person)


"I slept for the majority of the flight and even looked out of the window as we were landing. I actually remember thinking to myself  ‘so this is what normal people feel like on a flight". 

Female,  Fear of flying (results may vary from person to person)


"My husband is doing very well and it's all thanks to you". 

Wife of client - Fear of swimming (results may vary from person to person)



"I have had an issue with my weight for quite a few years and when I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, I tried all sorts of diets without any real success.Polly's approach is not to tell you that you can’t eat this or that, but, with the help of hypnosis, to totally change your mindset and the way you think about food. I’ve now lost nearly 3 stone and feel so much better. My blood sugar is lower now than it has been since I was diagnosed. Once again thank you Polly."

Male – Weight Loss (results may vary from person to person)


“I’m really coping with it so much better now, and I would definitely put that down to the Hypnotherapy, it has taken the anxiety of it away completely”.

Female - Tinnitus (results may vary from person to person)




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