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You haven’t come to this site to be told the health risks of smoking – you already know that. I’m not going to tell you about how unsociable it has become – you already know that. What I’m going to tell you, is how hypnotherapy can help you stop you smoking.


By the time most smokers visit a hypnotherapist, they may have already tried will-power, chewing gum, patches, medication and many other methods.


And all have failed!


So why is hypnotherapy different?


On an intellectual level, you know you should stop smoking and when anyone tells you why you should stop, they are speaking to your intellectual mind, telling it what it already knows. But it’s that nagging little voice in the back of your mind  telling you that you can’t stop, that you will feel stressed if you stop, that you will put on weight if you stop – all untrue.


You are more receptive to suggestion when you are in a hypnotic trance. We access that part of your mind that is feeding you this rubbish and tell that part of the mind that you can stop, it is okay to stop, you will feel okay and that you will stop.

You know, it's cigarettes that killed (Jerry) Garcia. Everyone thinks it's heroin, but it wasn't. It was cigarettes.

John Mellencamp

Quit Smoking!

Polly Hawkins Hypnotherapy, Hucclecote, Gloucester.


"I was over the moon with your help, thanks Polly".

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