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Visualisation techniques are widely used in sports psychology and adopted by many top athletes. Some famous sportsmen and women, at the top of their profession, are also reputed to use hypnosis techniques to improve their game – although not all may admit to it!


The brain does not differentiate fully between imagination and reality. Have you ever felt disappointed or angry at someone just because of something you dreamed or imagined they’d said or done? Have you ever felt worried about an upcoming situation even though you have no reason to think it will be bad? Have you found your mouth watering at the thought of some delicious food? Your brain is reacting to all of these thoughts as though they were real situations. You can make use of this, by imagining how you want things to be.


By imaging, repeatedly and vividly, whilst in a relaxed situation, your perfect game of golf, tennis, badminton, football  or whatever sporting discipline you are interested in, you can help make it a reality.


Super-middleweight boxing champion Glenn Catley used hypnotherapy so successfully in his boxing career, that he went on to train as a hypnotherapist himself. Read about Glenn’s success here.

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