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I remember, years ago, meeting a woman at a Blues club I used to go to. I often used to speak to her. She was very shy and openly admitted that she did not have the confidence to talk to people in the club, even though it was a small club where it was almost impossible not to get to know each other. One day, whilst talking to her, she told me she had to be up early in the morning as she had to make a presentation to over 200 people. I was amazed and asked her how she felt about it. She replied that she was fine, no worries at all. She told me she held a senior management position in a global organisation and was used to making presentations such as this. “But you said you were shy, you said you lacked confidence” I said. She told me that she was very confident at work, it was just social occasions that she felt this lack of confidence and shyness.


So you see, most of us experience a lack of confidence in certain areas of our lives. You probably know people who appear to be very confident, and they may be very confident. Or, it could be that they are confident only in certain areas of their lives. Or, it could be that they are acting! Many, seemingly extrovert people, are doing exactly that – acting!


A lack of confidence can make you unable to make friends, unable to stand up for yourself, either at work or socially, it can stop you pursuing your goals in life. It can bring you out in a cold sweat when entering a room full of people, or when being given a task you are unfamiliar with. It may even give you panic attacks.


We are all individuals. No one person is exactly like another. Confidence is not being the same as everyone else, it’s being comfortable with who you are and allowing others to be comfortable with who they are.


Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help you to find your inner confidence.

Polly Hawkins Hypnotherapy, Hucclecote, Gloucester.


We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face... we must do that which we think we cannot.

Eleanor Roosevelt

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