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Children have wonderful imaginations and respond well to hypnotherapy. Problems may range from bullying to bedwetting to something which, to an adult, may seem trivial but is a major cause of distress to a child.


I will treat children from age eight. You will need to book two initial consultations, although you will only pay for one. This is because I will want to see the parent/carer on his/her own and then again with the child present.


It is necessary for the parent/carer to remain on the premises, but not in the treatment room, whilst the child is undergoing their treatment sessions. Therefore I only see children at my Tuffley premises, Two & Six Therapy Rooms, where there is a comfortable waiting room for you to sit.

"I never lie do I, well not much, well not today, not much!"

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Polly Hawkins Hypnotherapy, Hucclecote, Gloucester.


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