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For some time now, women in developed countries are finding birth more and more painful and difficult. They are opting for more and more medical intervention, for instance epidural injections and Caesarean sections. In places in the world where birth is still seen as ‘natural’ women don’t have such painful labours. They’re not expecting it to be painful, therefore they are relaxed. The birth is quicker, the recovery is quicker and the bonding process is effective and strong.


Clinical research has shown that, for women using hypnosis for birth, there is a:

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  • Reduction in length of labour

  • Less reported pain

  • Reduction in medical intervention and use of forceps or ventouse (a vacuum device used to assist delivery)

  • Reduced Caesarean rate

  • Reduced need for pharmacological anaesthesia or analgesia

Click here to watch a short BBC video on some research the NHS are carrying out into hypnobirthing. In the video, one expectant mum says she would be worried about feeling she was somewhere else and not experiencing the full labour. Hypnotherapy is no more than deep relaxation and you would be fully aware of what was going on at all times.

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